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Menopause Flashes

Welcome to the NAMS web magazine with expert and unbiased information about women's health in menopause and beyond.

  Sitting Can Sabotage Your Healthy Habits
The more you sit, the more you harm your future health. The evidence is piling up from big studies that sitting is a health risk all on its own. So even if you exercise regularly, sitting for long periods can undermine all that good work. But with small changes, you can combat that risk.
old-timey television setMenopause on TV: Does Art Imitate Life?

What lessons are there, if any, in the way menopause has been portrayed on television? Have sitcoms historically reflected real attitudes about this time in a woman’s life? We take a look at some classic examples and a 2013 show.

Fitness After 40: The Right Workout for You

Exercise! It’s vital to your health and well-being, so here’s an efficient guide to what you need to do to stay (or get) in shape at midlife. If you need motivation, check here, here, and here. (And disclaimer: you may want to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program if you have health concerns or you haven’t exercised in a long time.)

The Experts Do Agree About Hormone Therapy

Ten years have passed since publication of the first results of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) hormone therapy trials. The debate that followed gave women and their providers the impression that the experts don’t agree on the topic of hormone therapy. This joint statement demonstrates that the experts do agree on key points.

Drink to Your Health at Menopause, or Not?

Do alcohol and menopause mix, or don’t they? You’ve probably heard that moderate drinking is good for your heart. But you’ve probably also heard that it’s a danger for breast cancer and that it can trigger hot flashes. Here are the facts.

Are We There Yet? Our Guided Menopause Tour

Ahh, the menopause journey. No clear starting or ending point, odd diversions, and an estimated time of arrival that could span years. Menopause is certainly a trip. And needless to say, you could use some turn-by-turn directions.

Diabetes Hits Hard at Menopause: Beat It Back

Diabetes hits women hard, especially at midlife. In the United States, it’s the number 6 killer of women ages 45 to 54 and the number 4 killer of women ages 55 to 64. What’s more, diabetes increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and many other serious conditions, including blindness, kidney disease, and nerve disease.

News You Can Use About Hormone Therapy

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) results 10 years ago scared many women away from using hormone therapy (HT) altogether. Some toughed out their hot flashes and night sweats with no relief until the symptoms settled down on their own. We’ve learned a lot since then about the risks and benefits of HT. For most women, experts agree that HT is okay to control moderate to severe symptoms.


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