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Press Releases

The North American Menopause Society periodically issues news releases, typically on EurekAlert and through our media list. Releases are also posted here, starting with the most recent.

 9/23  Taming Hot Flashes Without Hormones: What Works, What Doesn’t
          NAMS experts make evidence-based recommendations so providers can help women make
          informed decisions

 9/21  NAMS Honors Outstanding Contributors to Menopause Science, Care, and Communication 

 9/9    New Edition of “The Menopause Guidebook” Helps Women Looking for Facts, Not Myths

 8/12  Postmenopausal Women Prefer Vaginal Estrogen to Achieve Higher Sexual Quality of Life
          New study demonstrates women’s willingness to use vaginal estrogen despite fears of hormones;
          justifies use of local estrogen in addition to systemic hormone therapy

 8/5    New Study Demonstrates Combined Impact of Smoking and Early Menopause on Mortality
          Current smokers who experienced early menopause expected to die 2.6 years earlier         

 6/10  More Women Turning to CAM for Menopause Without Medical Guidance

 6/8    NAMS Supports Judicious Use of Systemic Hormone Therapy Even After Age 65

 3/17  Hormones with Statins May Help Women’s Hearts after Menopause
 3/11  New Study Links Urinary Troubles at Menopause with Sleep, Body Fat, Reaction Time

 3/2    When I’m 64—I’ll Still Have Hot Flashes?
           The answer is “yes” for many women. For some, the symptoms can still be troublesome

 2/19  More Women Now Using Compounded Hormones without Understanding the Risks

 2/4   Study Finds Link between Early Menopause and CFS

11/17  Soy Spells Fewer Hot Flashes for Certain Women
            The key is their bodies’ ability to produce equol from soy

11/10  When Bone Density is Good, No Repeat Tests Needed for Younger Postmenopausal Women
            But when bone density tests do show osteoporosis, the risk of major fracture is high  

10/12 NAMS to Launch Free Menopause Mobile App
            New dual-mode clinical decision-support tool uses one-of-a-kind algorithm to help clinicians
            and patients work together to personalize treatment decisions

          for Women at Menopause and Beyond

9/26  Translational Symposium Aims to Advance Research on Hot Flashes
9/17  NAMS Issues First-Ever Comprehensive Recommendations on Care of Women
         at Menopause and Beyond

8/25  New Term Will Banish Stigma, Educate Providers on Postmenopausal Problems
         “GSM” describes the genital, sexual, and urinary symptoms best

7/30 Soy May Help Women’s Hearts if they Start Early

7/14 Bothered by Hot Flashes? Acupuncture Might be the Answer
         New meta-analysis shows benefits of ancient Chinese method on today’s menopausal hot

7/7   Slim Down for the Health of It and Possibly Reduce Your Hot Flashes in the Process
        New study proves correlation between weight loss and hot flash reduction

6/25  Women Having Babies Later in Life More Likely to Live Longer

6/10  How Much Testosterone Is Too Much for Women after Menopause?

5/21  PMS May Spell Menopause Symptoms Later—But Not Hot Flashes

5/14  Early Menopause Ups Heart Failure Risk, Especially for Smokers

4/16  Low Vitamin D May Not Be a Culprit in Menopause Symptoms

4/9   Grandmas Stay Sharp When They Care for Grandkids Once a Week

3/5   Calcium and Vitamin D Improve Cholesterol in Postmenopausal Women
         Study ties effect to raising vitamin D levels

2/13 Can-do Plan Gets Women Trimmer, Healthier, and Cuts Hot Flashes
         Program shows potential to fit into today’s healthcare environment

2/7  Thinking Skills Take Biggest Hit from Anxiety in Midlife Women with HIV
         Menopause stage found to have little effect

2/5  Nerve Block Eases Troublesome Hot Flashes
        Randomized, controlled trial shows anesthetic could be alternative to hormones and 
        other medications



12/4   Not in the Mood but Want to Be? New Studies Bring Women Hope

11/13  No Hot Flashes? Then Don’t Count on Hormones to Improve Quality of Life

10/03  New Study Suggests Changing Bacterial Mix May Lead to Painful Sex after Menopause

09/17  From the Personal to the Controversial: 
             The NAMS 24th Annual Meeting Offers News and Perspectives on Hormones, Sex, and the
             Latest Approved Therapies for the Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

08/29  NAMS Issues New Guidance on Vulvovaginal Atrophy

08/28  The North American Menopause Society Recognizes Contributions to the Field of Menopause
            2013 Award and Scholarship Recipients Announced

07/30  Exercise Is Good for You, But it Won't Cut Hot Flashes

07/17  Cancer Survivors Have More Frequent and Severe Menopausal Hot Flashes
            But they fare better than other women psychologically and socially

07/03  Hot Flashes Take Heavier Toll on Women With HIV

06/26  Calcium and Vitamin D Help Hormones Help Bones

06/12  Hot Flashes Before Menopause? It Can Happen

06/05  Treatment Helps Sex Stage a Comeback after Menopause

05/23  It's Not Your Imagination: Memory Gets Muddled at Menopause

04/03  High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Spell Hot Flashes Later

03/27  Hot Flashes? Active Days Bring Better Nights

03/20  Estrogen Helps Keep Joint Pain at Bay after Hysterectomy

03/04  FDA Advisory Committee On Reproductive Health

02/21  Hot Flashes Take Toll on Life, Health, and Work 


10/29  Metabolic Syndrome Makes a Difference in Hormone Therapy Risk

10/03  First KEEPS Trial results released at NAMS Annual Meeting

            General Release          Cognition Release

09/21  Daily Breather May Ease Hot Flashes

09/21  Breast Cancer Treatment Brings Sexual Difficulties for Postmenopausal Women

07/09  15 Top Medical Organizations Agree on Hormone Therapy Use

05/29  NAMS Journal Menopause Reflects on the WHI 10 Years Later

05/13  NAMS Celebrates National Women’s Health Week (May 13-19)

03/20  NAMS Publishes the 7th Edition of The Menopause Guidebook

02/23  NAMS Reassures Many Women

02/16  International Experts Clarify Hormonal Changes of Menopause

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