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Press Releases

The North American Menopause Society periodically issues news releases, typically on EurekAlert and through our media list. Releases are also posted here, starting with the most recent.

12/7    New study identifies possible predictor for women’s longevity

11/28  Electro-acupuncture for disrupted sleep in women with breast cancer

11/9   Who has the better memory—men or women?

11/9   More women sexually active into old age

11/1   New study pinpoints timing for decline in sexual function over the menopause transition

11/1   New study confirms link between early menopause and higher risk of fracture

10/25 Low-dose estrogen therapy shown to be very effective on vasomotor symptoms

10/11 Can counting calories actually help women live longer and healthier?

9/26   Breast arterial calcifications could signal something more serious

9/19   Women's attitudes about sex change with age

9/19   Depression linked to increased risk of heart disease

9/19   Insomnia symptoms worsen throughout menopause transition

9/19   Women adapt to changes in sexual function with age

9/19   Disrupted sleep and heart disease in menopausal women

9/19   Women still don't understand why sex hurts after menopause

7/27   Too short or too long reproductive span increases risk of diabetes in postmenopausal women

7/13   Progression and timing of menopause symptoms over the menopause transition may be related 
          to demographic and psychosocial factors

7/6     NAMS urges public comment on USPSTF routine pelvic exams draft evidence review

 6/29  Aerobic Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Postmenopausal 
          Women with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

3/30   Blood Clot Risk Lower for Estrogen-only, Transdermal, and Vaginal Estrogen at Menopause

 2/17  Physical Therapy Cuts Urine Leaks Dramatically for Women with Osteoporosis

 1/5    DHEA Improves Vaginal Discomfort After Menopause
          New phase III trial takes this estrogen alternative a step closer to approval


12/18    Untested, Unapproved Compounded Hormone Prescriptions Reach 26 to 33 Million a Year
              Despite the risks, the number approaches that for FDA-approved hormone therapies

12/16  At Menopause, Weight, Exercise, Education, Income Play Big Roles in Metabolic Risks
           Study underscores strong need for weight management before menopause

 12/9   After Menopause, Vulvovaginal Troubles Are Common and Linked with Other Pelvic Problems
           Nevertheless, over 30% of women haven’t seen a gynecologist, and over 80% didn’t get the
           standard treatment

 11/4   As Menopause Approaches, Fluctuating Estrogen Increases Sensitivity to Stress, Depression

10/19  Physical Activity Has Greater Impact on Body Composition in Postmenopausal Women

10/14  More Than One-Third of Perimenopausal Women Develop Insomnia
           New study shows symptoms escalating over time

 10/8   Menopause Diminishes Impact of Good Cholesterol
           New study shows women more vulnerable to artery hardening during menopause

 9/30   One Third of Hormone Users at Menopause Take Unapproved, Untested Compounded Drugs
           Cases of uterine cancer reported among users of compounded hormones

 9/30   Impact of Menopausal Hormone Therapy on Heart Disease Depends on Timing of Initiation
           Women taking hormones shortly after onset of menopause remain free of coronary heart
           disease for longer periods of time

 9/30   Vitamin D3 Supplementation Helps Women Build Muscle Even After Menopause
            New study demonstrates vitamin effectiveness in reducing degeneration and risk of falls

 9/30  Use of Local Estrogens for Genitourinary Menopausal Symptoms Remains Low
           New study demonstrates preference for vaginal estrogen tablets vs cream and how method of
           treatment affects adherence to treatment

9/30  New Study Proves Link Between Recent Abuse and Menopause-Related Symptoms
          Verbal and emotional abuse impact menopause experience the most

 9/23  Taming Hot Flashes Without Hormones: What Works, What Doesn’t
          NAMS experts make evidence-based recommendations so providers can help women make
          informed decisions

 9/21  NAMS Honors Outstanding Contributors to Menopause Science, Care, and Communication 

 9/9    New Edition of “The Menopause Guidebook” Helps Women Looking for Facts, Not Myths

 8/12  Postmenopausal Women Prefer Vaginal Estrogen to Achieve Higher Sexual Quality of Life
          New study demonstrates women’s willingness to use vaginal estrogen despite fears of hormones;
          justifies use of local estrogen in addition to systemic hormone therapy

 8/5    New Study Demonstrates Combined Impact of Smoking and Early Menopause on Mortality
          Current smokers who experienced early menopause expected to die 2.6 years earlier         

 6/10  More Women Turning to CAM for Menopause Without Medical Guidance


 6/8    NAMS Supports Judicious Use of Systemic Hormone Therapy Even After Age 65

 3/17  Hormones with Statins May Help Women’s Hearts after Menopause
 3/11  New Study Links Urinary Troubles at Menopause with Sleep, Body Fat, Reaction Time

 3/2    When I’m 64—I’ll Still Have Hot Flashes?
           The answer is “yes” for many women. For some, the symptoms can still be troublesome

 2/19  More Women Now Using Compounded Hormones without Understanding the Risks

 2/4   Study Finds Link between Early Menopause and CFS

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