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Listed below are links to recent media coverage about menopause that references NAMS. Although the Society carefully selects these menopause news articles, NAMS may not endorse all of the information therein. In particular, NAMS does not endorse any specific product or service.

JUNE 2015
NAMS Medical Director discusses the safety and efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine.
Listen to Dr. Wulf Utian's "Talk With Francesca" radio interview.

JAN 2015NAMS Past President talks about our MenoPro app on WRVO
Dr. JoAnn Manson talks about how the app will benefit women around the time of menopause on WRVO, New York NPR affiliate station. 

OCT 2014NAMS Board Member discusses our MenoPro app on Canada TV
Dr. Marla Shapiro takes us through the app's features.

SEPT 2014Radio MD Hot Flashes and Acupuncture and Early-Onset Menopause
Dr. Margery Gass talks with host Dr. Pam Peeke about new research.

OCT 2013NAMS and Menopause in the News
MORE Magazine The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For

JAN 2013
WOSU Public Media Wellness Wednesday: Football Concussions, Bad Breath and Menopause
Dr. Margery Gass talks about menopause and answers call-in questions from listeners.

NOV 2012

Medscape Ob/Gyn What Did We Learn From NAMS 2012?
Dr. Margery Gass talks about symposiums that generated quite a 'buzz' with annual meeting attendees

OCT 2012

NAMS Past President interview on potential new therapy for hot flashes presented at NAMS Annual Meeting

Huff Post Low Dose Paroxetine (LDMP) for Hot Flashes (Dr. Jim Simon)

Medscape Today KEEPS Trial video interview (Dr. JoAnn Manson)
 SEP 2012 Ottawa Citizen  Hormone therapy regains support 10 years after study warns of risks (Dr. Margery Gass)

Medscape Ob/Gyn  Dr. Gass offers a sneak peek of the upcoming annual meeting and highlights the
must-attend sessions

CBC Radio  Dr. Gass states "HRT is a viable treatment for many menopausal women"
(Click on CBC's "Listen" button, then select "Part Two")

JUL 2012

USA TODAY  10 Years After Hormone Therapy Study: What Doctors Know Now (Dr. JoAnn Manson)

AARP  Age Matters With Hormone Replacement Therapy (Dr. JoAnn Manson)

Huffington Post  How to Find Reliable Menopause Information Online (NAMS)

JUN 2012 

WebMD  Menopause: Smokers have more hot flashes (Dr. Margery Gass)

Boston Globe  Delve into memory loss (Dr Victor Henderson, Dr. Pauline Maki)

Huffington Post  Dealing with insomnia in menopause (NAMS)

APR 2012

WebMD  Soy supplements CalorieLab.com (NAMS Journal Menopause)

US News & World Report  What causes hot flashes? (Dr. Margery Gass)

Reuters  Antidepressants for hot flashes WTAQ News Talk (New York) (Dr. Robert Freedman)

NPR Member Station WOSU  Dr. Margery Gass, NAMS Executive Director, talks to radio listeners

Los Angeles Times  HT questions continue (NAMS)

US News & World Report  Menopause may cost women sick days (Dr. Jan Shifren)

Huffington Post  Take your menopause to work (NAMS)

Health News Digest NAMS 7th edition of Menopause Guidebook (NAMS)

MAR 2012

MSN Health (Harvard Health Publications)  Sex and the older woman (NAMS)

CTV Healthblog (Canada)  New research helps women deal with menopause (Dr. Marla Shapiro)

TV9 (ABC Syracuse)  HT not as risky as once thought (NAMS)

ABC News  Hormone replacement therapy (Dr. Michelle Warren)

Los Angeles Times  Hormone replacement therapy questions continue (NAMS)

US News & World Report  Estrogen-only therapy may reduce breast cancer risk (Dr. Lila Nachtigall)

Newswise Clarified hormone therapy risks help women (Dr. Margery Gass)

JAN 2012

USA Today  Cooling off a hot flash: Most home cures fail (Dr. Robert Freedman, Dr. Michelle Warren)

Reuters  How often to test bone density (Dr. Margery Gass)

FOX19 (Cincinnati, OH)  Doctor with NCMP credential recognized (NAMS NCMP)

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