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FAQs: Body Changes & Symptoms

If you're concerned about the symptoms of menopause that you may experience, it's time to get educated. Below are frequently asked questions about menopause symptoms with answers from our experts. The first step in understanding menopause symptoms is learning what they are and how they might affect you. So learn more about the symptoms of menopause by reading the answers below.
  • How will my body change as menopause approaches?

  • What are hot flashes?

  • How long will I have hot flashes?

  • What are the treatments for hot flashes?

  • Is it safe to take dietary supplements to help my menopause symptoms?

  • I’m having trouble sleeping and I’m tired all the time. Is this due to menopause?

  • My memory is not as good as it used to be. Is this aging or is it menopause?

  • I’ve been having headaches lately. Can this be due to menopause?

  • Does menopause cause moodiness and depression?

  • I need menopause information about feminine dryness.

  • Since my periods have stopped, my desire for sex has decreased. Is this normal?

  • Does menopause cause urine leakage?

  • I’m finding it harder to lose weight now that I’m older. Is menopause to blame?

  • Is there anything I can do to relieve the aching in my knees?

  • Why has my skin started to sag?

  • Is there anything I can do to stop my hair from thinning?

  • My eyes itch and sometimes tear. How can this be treated?

  • My gums are starting to recede and it hurts my teeth to eat anything cold. Is this normal?

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