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NCMP Certification

As the definitive resource for healthcare issues relating to menopause, NAMS developed a competency examination program in 2002 to:

  • Set the standards for menopause practice
  • Assist women in locating clinicians who could provide optimal menopause-related health care

How to Earn the NCMP Credential

Details and an application form are found in the printed Candidate Handbook, a copy of which can be downloaded.

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Menopause Practitioners

It’s important to review the entire handbook, but here are the highlights:


  • A national role-delineation study defined the content of the examination, which includes tasks that are performed routinely and considered important to competent practice.
  • The examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions in English, developed through a combined effort of qualified subject-matter experts and testing professionals who have constructed it in accordance with the examination content outline.

Suggested Study Materials

  • Menopause Practice: A Clinician’s Guide is recommended for exam preparation. After candidates pass the exam, they can submit the activity for CME credit, which can be used toward maintaining the NCMP credential.
  • NAMS provides a wide range of other educational materials which may be helpful to those studying for the exam.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must be a licensed healthcare practitioner, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and psychologists.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s current license must be submitted with the examination application
    and fee.


  • The fees to either take the exam or maintain the credential are $200 (NAMS member) and $400 (nonmember).


  • Additional late application fee: $75
  • Extra custom exam location fee: $600 USA, $725 Canada

Scheduled Exams

 Examination Date


Postmark Deadline 

 Late Application
Postmark Deadline*

May 16, 2015
9:00 AM

Birmingham, AL
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Kansas City, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Philadelphia, PA
Richmond, VA
San Francisco, CA
Tampa, FL
Vancouver, WA

March 27, 2015

April 10, 2015

September 11, 2015
2:30 PM 
Toronto, ON

July 24, 2015  August 7, 2015 

September 30, 2015
2:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV 
(immediately prior to
the NAMS 2015
Annual Meeting)

August 12, 2015

August 26, 2015

*Requires an additional $75 late fee

Customized Exam Locations & Dates

  • In addition to regularly scheduled locations, you can customize a location, choosing from over 120 exam locations.
  • An extra test center fee of $600 USA, $725 Canada is required, but this fee can be shared among those registered for that location and date.
  • If there is a group of 15 or more exam candidates for the customized location, NAMS will waive the extra test center fee.
  • Often, candidates willingly pay the extra fee just for the convenience of having the exam close to home.
  • For more information about this custom program, contact Elizabeth Slogar, coordinator of the NCMP Program in the Society’s Central Office.

Recognition of Competency

  • Eligible candidates who pass the examination will receive the NCMP credential.
  • The credential is valid for three years. For example, if you received your credential at any time during
    calendar year 2012, you have through December 31, 2015, to maintain it.
  • To maintain credential status, there are two options: re-examination or submit the appropriate continuing education credits (45 hours, with 15 from NAMS, during the 3-year timespan).

Benefits of NCMP Credential

If you are a licensed healthcare provider, you are invited to earn the prestigious credential of “NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner” or “NCMP.” Benefits include:

  • Validation of a level of expertise from the preeminent scientific organization focused on menopause management
  • Enhanced credibility among patients and other healthcare providers
  • Opportunity to enhance promotion of your menopause practice in your community, leading to expansion of your patient base
  • Potentially higher income and job promotion
  • Permission to use “NCMP” every time you feature your name and other credentials (eg, MD, NP)
  • Special recognition on the NAMS Web site, in clinician lists mailed to women
    without Internet access, and among peers at the NAMS Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Personal satisfaction of knowing you are providing your patients with the best possible care

If you earn the NCMP certification, you would receive from NAMS the following materials to proudly display your accomplishment to patients and colleagues:

  • Certificate suitable for framing
  • Annual lapel pins
  • NCMP logo for your use (eg, letterhead, Web site)
  • Suggested press release for alerting your local media outlets
The NAMS Menopause Clinician search makes it easy for women to find an NCMP for their health care. FIND A MENOPAUSE CLINICIAN


If you have any question about the NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner program, please contact Elizabeth Slogar by e-mail or telephone (440/442-7697).

Meet NAMS Menopause
Practitioners of the Year 

NAMS Certification Adds Legitimacy (2012)
"Being an NCMP is important to my patients because I have developed further knowledge and skills that enable me to provide quality care that addresses the ongoing seasons of their lives."

Terry Gibbs, DO, NCMP,  Sylvania, OH


NAMS Certification
Gives Credibility

"My patients truly appreciate the information I provide them regarding management and treatments. The NCMP certification also gives me credibility among my peers and has helped me focus on the development of a menopause clinic."

Lisa Astalos Chism DNP, APRN, BC, NCMP, FAANP, Detroit, MI


NAMS Certification Gives Patients Confidence (2010)
The NCMP credential is important to patients because it gives them a way to know I have the in-depth knowledge to guide them through the decisions they will make about medications, alternative remedies, and lifestyle choices at this time in their lives."

Julia Schlam Edelman, MD, FACOG, NCMP, Middleboro, MA



NAMS Certification Required at Hospital
"The NAMS certification has been instituted as a preferred qualification for nursing practice at our hospital, recognizing that clinical practice is evidence based and nurses need to maintain their knowledge and expertise to fulfill that core value."

Sally Payette, RN, NCMP
Ottawa ON, Canada



Comments from NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioners

"I value my NCMP credential. I put the certificate on my website so people are aware of it. It has drawn new patients to my practice, and patients feel comfortable asking me questions about menopause."

Rebekah Perks, NP, NCMP
South Hadley, MA
"By taking the NAMS competency exam, I have proved that I am continuing to keep up with the latest menopause information." 

Robyn B. Faye, MD, NCMP, FACOG
Ft. Washington, PA
"The NAMS credential has provided an additional level of credibility of my practice."

Diane T. Pace, PhD, FNP, CCD, NCMP, FAANP
Memphis, TN

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