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Translational Science Symposium

 The Science of Thermoregulation
and Vasomotor Symptoms: 
New Targets for Research and Treatment

2nd Utian Translational Science Symposium

Marriott Gaylord National Hotel—Washington, DC
Tuesday—October 14, 2014—7:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Pauline M. Maki, PhD
NAMS President-Elect
Symposium Principal Investigator

This Translational Science Symposium is sponsored by:

     The National Institute on Aging (NIA)
     The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)

This multidisciplinary symposium will convene a diverse group of basic and clinical researchers, as well as clinician-scientists, to discuss normal and aberrant thermoregulation, the neurophysiology of vasomotor symptoms (VMS), and new potential treatment targets. The aim of the symposium is to facilitate synthesis and exchange of new data by promoting scientific collaboration among experts who do not typically interact, but whose work may help to stimulate and inform others. By bringing together experts in menopausal medicine, neurobiology, thermoregulation, neuroimaging, and exercise physiology, we aim to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the state of knowledge of VMS and thermoregulation, identify critical gaps in understanding, and point to new avenues of scientific research.

Specifically, the symposium will

  • Describe current understanding of the physiology and neuropharmacology of thermoregulation, thermodysregulation, and menopause-related changes in temperature homeostasis
  • Describe current understanding of nonhormonal treatments for VMS
  • Review existing evidence from studies linking VMS to adverse health outcomes in women, including quality of life, cardiovascular outcomes, and cognitive function
  • Integrate new and emerging data from multiple areas of inquiry into an initial conceptual framework to better understand the causal pathway of VMS and potential avenues for new drug development

Program and Speakers

Attendees will hear presentations from a slate of international experts in the field of VMS and thermoregulation, with opportunities to pose questions during discussion segments. 

Target Audience

  • Basic, clinical, and translational scientists 
  • Clinicians interested in cutting-edge translational research on hot flashes
Call for Poster Abstracts and Trainee Travel Awards

To highlight the work of trainees and junior investigators, a poster session will be held in conjunction with the symposium. Four travel awards will be provided for the top abstracts, with selected trainees being reimbursed for economy-class roundtrip airfare, two nights at the Marriott Gaylord National Hotel, and waiver of the registration fee to the symposium. Abstracts will be published in the journal Menopause, pending author approval.

Abstracts submissions must be received by July 28, 2014, and should address topics related to one of the following:
  • Epidemiology of VMS
  • Neurophysiology of VMS, thermoregulation
  • New nonhormonal therapies
  • New therapeutic targets
Instructions for Abstract Submissions
  • Character limit: Limit of 4,545 characters. Character count includes spaces as well as your name, institution, abstract title, authors, and abstract body.
  • Title and body: Title should be entered in bold and in mixed case. Do not put your title in quotation marks.
  • Body of abstract: Body of abstract should include Objective, Design, Results, and Conclusion.
  • Submit 2 copies of abstract: 1 copy should be blinded for reviewers, and 1 copy is used for publication if accepted.
  • Materials should not have been presented prior to July 28, 2014.
  • Submit abstracts as MS Word files to carolyn@menopause.org by July 28, 2014.
  • Questions on abstracts: Contact Carolyn Develen at carolyn@menopause.org or 440/442-7657.
Attendees of the Translational Science Symposium are encouraged to stay on and attend the NAMS 2014 Annual Meeting convening October 15-18.

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