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The Estrogen Question: Know Before You Say “No” to HRT

Book Review:
The Estrogen Question: Know Before You Say "No" to HRT

The Estrogen Question

Sandra Rice, MD
Independently published; 2019
289 pages

This book is a comprehensive guide for having a thoughtful conversation about current hormone treatment guidelines. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found Sandra Rice’s systematic approach very refreshing and enlightening. The book objectively presents evidence so that the reader may make informed decisions based on past, present, and the future of hormone therapy. This book provides a sense of empowerment in choosing therapy while dispelling fear of what was previously misunderstood about hormones after menopause.

Rice organized the book in an easy-to-follow format that is as equally engaging as it is informative. The book begins with introducing the basic sciences and research techniques of the female hormone lifespan and builds up to providing more detail of hormones by organ system. The author did an amazing job of taking the reader through the history of hormone research results, expert practices, and controversy. She eloquently describes how the guidelines have comprehensively changed with time and results. Rice provides significant, but concise, detail about the different types of hormone options currently on the market that patient and providers alike have to choose from. She also discusses the nonhormone options and efficacy behind some of these treatments when used alone or in combination with the gold standard. Each chapter details how hormones affect a particular organ system before and after menopause. Most chapters conclude with a “decision-making helper” section that highlights the most important facts necessary to make informed treatment decisions.

As a primary care provider who exclusively cares for adult women, I plan to recommend this book to patients with questions about hormone therapy and menopause. I pride my clinical practice on informed decision making with my patients. In an age of easily accessible information that isn’t always accurate, this book will serve as a comprehensive guide in a stage of life that a growing number of women will make a wealth of important health decisions. After reading this book, one should be prepared to have a confident conversation about what treatment options makes the most sense for their health goals and well-being.

Reviewed by
Akeira L Johnson, MD
Women’s Health Medical Director
Women's Health Fellowship Director
Clement Zablocki Veterans Administration
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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