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Press Releases

The North American Menopause Society periodically issues news releases, typically on EurekAlert and through our media list. Releases are also posted here, starting with the most recent.

12/2 Physical activity key to helping to reduce menopause symptoms

12/1 New study links number of menopause symptoms with job performance

10/7 Women’s expected longevity linked to age at birth of last child

9/28 How hormone therapy slows progression of atherosclerosis

9/28 Could your menopause symptoms be hard on your heart?

9/28 How important is sex to women as they age?

9/28 Childhood and adult trauma create sleepless nights for midlife women

9/28 Study helps explain cognition decline after the menopause transition

9/28 Cannabis use for menopause symptom management

9/28 National nutrition expert to address need to manage chronic disease during virtual meeting

9/28 Advances in nonhormone therapies provide women with more options for managing hot flashes

9/28 New hormone therapies for hot flashes offer enhanced benefits and minimized risk

9/9  Women’s heart health linked to age at first menstrual period

8/31 NAMS releases the 2020 GSM position statement

8/19 High blood pressure during pregnancy associated with more bothersome menopause symptoms

8/12 Age, education, and surgical history affect hormone use after oophorectomy

8/5  Study suggests pregnancy and ovarian function are risk factors for coronary artery disease

7/29  Exposure to environmental chemicals may disrupt sleep during menopause

7/15  How much postmenopause weight gain can be blamed on weight-promoting medications?

7/1  New study finds that menopause increases risk of metabolic syndrome

7/1  New study confirms high prevalence of depression during the menopause transition

6/24 Use of continuous combined oral contraceptives demonstrates bone health benefits

6/10 Different hormone therapies affect brain function differently

5/26 Dairy consumption ineffective in preventing age-related bone loss or fractures

4/22 Socioeconomics, metabolic syndrome, and osteopenia in postmenopausal women

4/15 Does primary ovarian insufficiency affect your risks for obesity and diabetes?

3/18 Childhood adversity may play a role in executive function and mood after early removal of ovaries

Family history of heart disease makes premature removal of ovaries especially risky

2/26  Metabolic health and weight management key to minimizing diabetes risk

2/19  An apple a day might help keep bothersome menopause symptoms away

2/12  Prolonged use of hormone therapy may minimize muscle loss associated with aging

2/12  Postmenopause vitamin D deficiency with disc degeneration and lower back pain

2/5   Not all hormone therapy protects equally against heart disease in postmenopausal women

1/22  Hot flashes impair memory performance

1/22  Depression common during perimenopause not regularly assessed by providers

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