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Press Releases

The North American Menopause Society periodically issues news releases, typically on EurekAlert and through our media list. Releases are also posted here, starting with the most recent.

11/29 Age at menopause could determine risk for decline in muscle mass and strength

10/25 Combination of therapeutic touch and music key to a better night’s sleep during menopause

10/10 What’s in your gut could be aggravating your menopause symptoms

9/27 Hot flashes linked with risk factors for cardiovascular disease

9/27 The impact of menopause stage on age-related changes in the brain

9/27 What your hair and saliva say about your risk for depression and cognitive shortfalls during menopause

9/27 Obese women have worse menopause symptoms and get less relief from hormone therapy

9/27 The effects of sexual orientation on sexual function and distress

9/27 Post-traumatic stress symptoms can cause problems in the bedroom for midlife women

9/27 Hot flashes yet another early indicator for Alzheimer’s Disease

9/27 New technologies aid in accurately identifying bone fragility

9/27 Can you actually have a hot flash in cold weather?

9/27 Shedding pounds during midlife is difficult, but not impossible

9/27 Race matters when prescribing hormone therapy for women

9/27 New study suggests growing use of cannabis to help manage menopause symptoms

9/13 Early ovary removal likely to accelerate aging process and health problems

8/9 New survey confirms need for more menopause education in residency programs

8/2 Infertility may lead to more severe menopause symptoms

7/11 The North American Menopause Society is Now The Menopause Society

6/28 Hormone therapy may cause heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and chest pain

6/7 Osteoporosis too often misunderstood and ignored despite its serious health consequences

6/1 The North American Menopause Society releases its 2023 nonhormone therapy position

5/17 Catching a few extra zzzzs on the weekend could limit your risk of hyperuricemia

5/8 Hormone therapy increases lumbar spine bone mineral density, protects against bone loss

3/1 Despite misperceptions, hormone therapy may actually reduce risk of lung cancer

3/1 Vaginal laser treatment shows promise in treating overactive bladder syndrome

1/18 Body dissatisfaction can lead to eating disorders at any age

1/11 Menopause-like symptoms may strike before the menopause transition


12/14 Does what you drink affect your risk of urinary incontinence?

10/12 What’s new and what works in the treatment of hot flashes?

10/12 Pros and cons of hormone therapy for aging transgender women

10/12 Are midlife women doomed to gain weight?

10/12 Hot flashes are not just uncomfortable but also could be hard on the heart

10/12 Women with diabetes at an early age likely to enter menopause early

10/12 Hormone therapy may help prevent shoulder pain and loss of motion in menopausal women

10/12 Does a history of migraines mean you’re more likely to be a poor sleeper?

10/12 Traumatic experiences may be associated with lower levels of sex hormones

10/12 The effect of sexual orientation on sexual function in peri- and postmenopausal women

10/12 What you eat could contribute to your menstrual cramps

10/12 Night sweats versus hot flashes

9/21 Foot massage effective in improving sleep quality and anxiety in postmenopausal women

9/14 New study finds history of psychosocial stressors from childhood through pregnancy is associated with worse menopause symptoms and poorer well-being almost 2 decades later

8/24 Shorter menstrual cycles may indicate earlier menopause and worse symptoms

8/3 More women turning to medical cannabis for relief of menopause symptoms

7/27 Prasterone shows promise in reducing severity of urinary urge incontinence

7/27 Diets high in n-3 polyunsaturated fats may help decrease risk of breast cancer

7/19 Telehealth proves effective in treating some symptoms of menopause, but not all

7/7 The North American Menopause Society releases its 2022 hormone therapy position statement

6/15 Top sexual health concerns of midlife women include pain and lack of desire

6/1 Hormone therapy remains most effective treatment for menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats

5/11 Temporomandibular disorder-induced pain likely to worsen in late menopause transition

3/21 Working shifts may delay the onset of menopause

3/2 Sleep apnea may lead to increased joint pain in postmenopausal women

3/2 New study suggests best chance for battling menopausal weight gain is during perimenopause

2/23 Obesity may lead to a decline in lung function in premenopausal and postmenopausal women

2/16 Age of natural menopause linked with intergenerational violence exposures

2/16 More than half of postmenopausal women experience female pattern hair loss

2/2 Bilateral oophorectomy could increase a woman’s risk for dementia

1/26 How listening to music can take the edge off the menopause transition

1/19 The link among resilience, sexual function, and quality of life in menopausal women

1/12 Severity of menopause symptoms can affect a women’s cognitive performance


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