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Menopause Confidential

Book Review:
Menopause Confidential

Allmen Book Cover

Tara Allmen, MD, FACOG, NCMP
HarperOne, September 2016
256 pages

Menopause Confidential by Tara Allmen, MD, FACOG, NCMP, provides a unique and comprehensive guide for “thriving through midlife.”  It is so much more than your mother’s book on menopause. It assumes that the woman is more than a vessel of symptoms and is, in fact, a woman. A woman who wants to maximize her physical, mental, emotional, and sexual self while the physiologic changes of midlife occur. It is truly a guide to the self-determined management at a time in life when so many physical changes seem outside our control. The truth is we have control of many things and through the knowledge shared by Dr. Allmen all women can improve upon their overall feeling of health and well-being.

This book reaches into the many health issues that women question. I have not seen a book that tackles so many topics all focused on this time of life. Some great examples of the enlightened approach that this book takes:

Chapter 3 – My Husband Thinks I’m Crazy. There are real and medically explainable changes in mood that occur as our hormones fluctuate. This chapter is a bit of both vindication as well as an offering of suggestions that may help with these challenging physiologic times.

Chapter 8 – To Pee or Not To Pee. A wonderful guide to helping so many women get away from the idea that life must be lived from “bathroom to bathroom.” Some things we put up with we frankly should not. Other things that we do not think we can prevent, frankly we can.

Chapter 16 – Potions, Patches, and Pills, Oh My! While the mainstay of many books on menopause, this chapter explains more than just the physiology of hormones and the issue addressed in a way that is both logical and understandable and clarifies the risks, benefits, and medical science that so many women find baffling.

Chapter 20 – Every Man Needs a Gynecologist. Having discovered the witty way that Dr. Allmen writes, I would buy any book she wrote just to read that chapter. Chapter 20 is a delicious final course in this buffet of teaching.

While these are just a few examples and I will leave Chapter 6 – The Vagina Is Like Las Vegas, Baby! to your imagination, they illustrate the comprehensive yet down-to-earth approach this expert offers. The book is truly unique and I enjoyed both the read and the discussions that ensued with my husband and friends.

Book review by:
Lisa C. Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF
President, Lisa Larkin MD and Associates
Director, Women’s Corporate Health, TriHealth
Cincinnati, OH

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