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The Little Book of Menopause: Understanding the Biology and Management of Menopause

Book Review:
The Little Book of Menopause: Understanding the Biology and Management of Menopause

The Little Book of Menopause Cover

James R. Woods Jr, MD, and Elizabeth D. Warner, MD
University of Rochester, 2018
141 pages

This book is a very comprehensive yet concise book on menopause. Easily one of the BEST books I have read on menopause, the authors have explained the complex physiology and biology of numerous menopause symptoms in an easy-to-understand manner. I feel that not only women but men also would highly benefit from this book to enhance their understanding of this important chapter of women’s life.

What is truly unique about this book is that it contains factual medical information and not a compilation of one’s experiences or opinions (which the media is full of). It gives you accurate information to better understand menopause and hence make better decisions. I would highly recommend this book not only for the general public but also for all primary care doctors and gynecologists who are integral part of the management team and the first line of contact for a postmenopausal woman.

My personal favorite chapters are "The Timing of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause" and "Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk," highlighting the association of menopause with cardiovascular risk and how it could be prevented. This is an important area that, in the past, the media highlighted flawed results and slammed hormone therapy, which as we now know does reduce one’s cardiovascular risks if started for the right person at the right time. Sadly, media is not highlighting the newer studies, and it’s a challenge to educate each physician, which is something this book offers.

Some women may find the explanations too detailed, making the reading somewhat dry, but those looking for in-depth yet concise knowledge would find this book immensely useful and a quick read. Although the book is titled The Little Book of Menopause, other than the short read, there is nothing little about this book. I have picked up a few wonderful pearls to share with my menopausal women patients and encourage them to share more about their symptoms once they understand that every symptom has physiology and biology behind it and that they are not going crazy. The additional resources suggested at the end are invaluable. I would definitely keep this book as my go-to reference and would recommend it to my residents and medical students as well.

Book review by
Manisha Yadav, MD, NCMP, CCD
Department of Medicine
Director, Ambulatory ILP, Internal Medicine Residency
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (affiliated with Stanford)
Consulting Editor, International Journal of Women’s Health, and open-access Contraception
San Jose, California

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