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The Little Book of Menopause: Living With the Challenges of Breast Cancer

Book Review:
The Little Book of Menopause: Living With the Challenges of Breast Cancer

The Little Book of Menopause Living With the Challenges of Breast Cancer Cover

James R Woods Jr, MD; Elizabeth Warner, MD; and Adrienne Bonham, MD
University of Rochester; 2018

The authors did a wonderful job providing a very comprehensive review of breast cancer screening, treatment, and survivorship. Coming from the perspective of someone who cares for patients with breast cancer and survivors, I found this book to be a wonderful resource for both healthcare professionals and patients. Although some of the information is scientific, the authors were able to explain the material in a way that was compelling for readers.

Detailed overview of breast screening was reviewed with attention to imaging and risk assessment. The review of breast imaging was very pertinent and timely, especially as consumers are becoming more proactive with regard to cancer screening. The review of breast density was also appreciated, especially with many states requiring that breast density be disclosed to patients. Review of additional specific topics included genetic and hereditary risk of breast cancer, breast reconstruction, cognitive changes after breast cancer and menopause, lymphedema, sleep, fertility, and pregnancy-related issues. In addition, a chapter was dedicated to breast cancer and the partner. This chapter reviews intimacy, self-image, parenting, and coping.

This comprehensive manual provides a valuable resource to both patients and healthcare professionals. The authors provided attention to details without the information becoming overwhelming to the reader. Moreover, this book will continue to be a resource throughout a woman’s journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Reviewed by
Lisa Astalos Chism DNP, APRN, BC, NCMP, CSC, FAANP
Clinical Director, Women’s Wellness Clinic
Certified Menopause Practitioner
Certified Sexuality Counselor
Karmanos Cancer Institute
Detroit, Michigan

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