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Healthy Aging: Well-being and Sexuality at Menopause and Beyond

Book Review:

Healthy Aging: Well-being and Sexuality at Menopause and Beyond

Ghizzani cover

Anna Ghizzani, MD
WSB Publishing; 2020
140 pages

This is an informative, easy-to-read book that has a perfect blend of science and practical advice for its readers. Dr. Anna Ghizzani presents the refreshing perspective that menopause doesn’t always mean old age. With higher education and delayed fertility, many women enter menopause with young families and peaking careers, so she aptly states, “Growing old today is an adventure yet to be written.”

Ghizzani reviews the physiological and medical aspects of menopause. She covers treatments of a wide variety of symptoms beyond just hot flashes. She reviews the traditional treatment options in a very lucid manner, although her take on menopause hormones and cardiovascular disease may stir some debate among experts. Her emphasis on relationship- and lifestyle-centric approaches toward menopause and sexuality is outstanding.

Ghizzani reviews the topic of sexuality in a very comprehensive fashion, putting the factors of aging, hormones, physiology, disease, life events, and relationships in the mix. Her review of sexuality in older persons is particularly rich in content and perspective. Especially noteworthy are these statements:
“The fact that there may be conflicts in the transition phases should not be frightening.”
“Accepting divergences is a gift that comes from the emotional maturity of adulthood but above all a relationship that has kept its basic values over the years.”

In the final chapter, she addresses male sexuality to complete the topic of sexuality and healthy aging.

All in all, Ghizzani’s book is a delightful and educational read for women seeking solutions for menopause and sexuality in the broad contexts of biological aging, changing health, and evolving relationships.

Reviewed by
Richa Sood, MD, NCMP
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, NY

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