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Video Commentaries

Listed below are links to menopause-related commentaries. Comments made within are individual opinions and do not necessarily reflect the view of NAMS.

FEB 2013 Nonhormonal Option for Hot Flashes: Good News
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn Manson

JAN 2013Ovarian Cancer Screening in High-Risk Women: Don't Wait
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

Early Surgical Menopause Linked to Early Cognitive Decline
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn Manson 

DEC 2012

ACOG's Opinion That the Oral Contraceptive Pill Should Become Available Over-the-Counter: An Expert's Perspective
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

NOV 2012 Screening Mammography and Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

Is Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Coronary Events on HT?   Could metabolic syndrome status be a useful marker for increased risk when making decisions about hormone therapy?
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn Manson

Vaginal Estrogen Package Labeling: Time for a Change?   Is the boxed warning in the package labeling for all vaginal estrogen formulations out of sync with current research?
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz
 OCT 2012

The KEEPS Trial: New and Exciting Findings  
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn Manson

Is Hospital Promotion of Robotic Gyn Surgery Misleading Patients?
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz
 SEP 2012Does LEEP Invariably Increase the Risk for Preterm Birth?
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

AUG 2012 Aspirin for CVD Prevention in Women: When Is It Appropriate?
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn Manson
Urinary Incontinence in Young Nulligravid Women: More Common Than We Thought
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz
 JUL 2012
Menopausal HT: 15 Top Medical Organizations Endorse New Consensus Statement 
   ►Video by Dr. Joann E. Manson

JUN 2012

Bisphosphonates to Prevent Osteoporotic Fractures: When Is Long-term Treatment Appropriate?
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

Low Vitamin D in Diet Linked to Increased Stroke
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn E. Manson

APR 2012

Omega-3 Fish Oil: Separating Fact From Fiction 
   ►Video by Dr. JoAnn E. Manson

Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz

NAMS Hormone Therapy Position Statement
   ►View HT Position Statement
   ►Video by JoAnn E. Manson
   ►Video by Dr. Andrew Kaunitz
   ►Video by Dr. Margery Gass
   ►Patient Handout

JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, NCMP

Andrew M. Kaunitz, MD, FACOG, NCMP

Margery L.S. Gass, MD, NCMP

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