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2016 Press Releases

12/7    New study identifies possible predictor for women’s longevity

11/28  Electro-acupuncture for disrupted sleep in women with breast cancer

11/9   Who has the better memory—men or women?

11/9   More women sexually active into old age

11/1   New study pinpoints timing for decline in sexual function over the menopause transition

11/1   New study confirms link between early menopause and higher risk of fracture

10/25 Low-dose estrogen therapy shown to be very effective on vasomotor symptoms

10/11 Can counting calories actually help women live longer and healthier?

9/26   Breast arterial calcifications could signal something more serious

9/19   Women's attitudes about sex change with age

9/19   Depression linked to increased risk of heart disease

9/19   Insomnia symptoms worsen throughout menopause transition

9/19   Women adapt to changes in sexual function with age

9/19   Disrupted sleep and heart disease in menopausal women

9/19   Women still don't understand why sex hurts after menopause

7/27   Too short or too long reproductive span increases risk of diabetes in postmenopausal women

7/13   Progression and timing of menopause symptoms over the menopause transition may be related 
          to demographic and psychosocial factors

7/6     NAMS urges public comment on USPSTF routine pelvic exams draft evidence review

 6/29  Aerobic Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Postmenopausal 
          Women with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

3/30   Blood Clot Risk Lower for Estrogen-only, Transdermal, and Vaginal Estrogen at Menopause

 2/17  Physical Therapy Cuts Urine Leaks Dramatically for Women with Osteoporosis

 1/5    DHEA Improves Vaginal Discomfort After Menopause
          New phase III trial takes this estrogen alternative a step closer to approval

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