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2013 Press Releases


 12/4   Not in the Mood but Want to Be? New Studies Bring Women Hope

11/13  No Hot Flashes? Then Don’t Count on Hormones to Improve Quality of Life

10/03  New Study Suggests Changing Bacterial Mix May Lead to Painful Sex after Menopause

09/17  From the Personal to the Controversial: 
             The NAMS 24th Annual Meeting Offers News and Perspectives on Hormones, Sex, and the
             Latest Approved Therapies for the Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

08/29  NAMS Issues New Guidance on Vulvovaginal Atrophy

08/28  The North American Menopause Society Recognizes Contributions to the Field of Menopause
            2013 Award and Scholarship Recipients Announced

07/30  Exercise Is Good for You, But it Won't Cut Hot Flashes

07/17  Cancer Survivors Have More Frequent and Severe Menopausal Hot Flashes
            But they fare better than other women psychologically and socially

07/03  Hot Flashes Take Heavier Toll on Women With HIV

06/26  Calcium and Vitamin D Help Hormones Help Bones

06/12  Hot Flashes Before Menopause? It Can Happen

06/05  Treatment Helps Sex Stage a Comeback after Menopause

05/23  It's Not Your Imagination: Memory Gets Muddled at Menopause

04/03  High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Spell Hot Flashes Later

03/27  Hot Flashes? Active Days Bring Better Nights

03/20  Estrogen Helps Keep Joint Pain at Bay after Hysterectomy

03/04  FDA Advisory Committee On Reproductive Health

02/21  Hot Flashes Take Toll on Life, Health, and Work 


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