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General Health

  • Aetna Diversity in Health Care


    Free continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education unit (CEU) courses developed by the Manhattan Cross Cultural Group (MCCG) and offered by this insurance company. Courses specifically designed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners teach skills for administering effective cross-cultural care. 

  • Sleep Research Society


    This site offers scientific investigation, professional education, career development, and public awareness in sleep science and academic sleep medicine for its members. 

  • FDA 101: Dietary Supplements


    The US Food and Drug Administration offers consumer information and suggestions about the use of dietary supplements, including herbal preparations. 

  • Everyday Choices for a Healthier Life


    A joint collaboration of The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and American Health Association. Site provides information about prevention and early detection of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 

  • National Sleep Foundation


    Information and advice about all types of sleep problems, including sleep disturbances during perimenopause. 

  • Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


    Site serves primarily as a gateway to various health promotion and disease prevention sites available from the US government. Offers quick synopses of major government health programs and links to more information. 

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology & Women's Health


    A publication for healthcare providers that is one of the leading titles in the field. NAMS is pleased to collaborate with the publisher in providing editorial content. 

  • MayoClinic


    This site is provided by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research for consumers and healthcare professionals. It provides useful, up-to-date information and tools on menopause and other topics that reflect the expertise of the Mayo Clinic. 

  • National Council on the Aging


    A nonprofit organization providing community programs and services for seniors. Site is dedicated to promoting the dignity, well being, and contributions of older individuals. 

  • NIH National Institute on Aging


    A US National Institutes of Health organization devoted to improving the health of older people. Site offers information about health topics such as menopause, midlife health, and Alzheimer's disease. (Also see Tips from The National Institute on Aging, below.) 

  • CBS Cares


    A public service site hosted by the CBS Television Network. Offers transcripts from health-related interviews with leading medical experts discussing topics such as breast and colon cancer, women's heart disease, osteoporosis, and menopause. 

  • Healthfinder


    A gateway Website developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Offers links to a broad range of consumer health and human services resources and information produced by the US government and its many partner organizations. 

  • NIH Senior Health


    User-friendly resource jointly developed by the National Institute on Aging, the US National Institutes of Health, and the National Library of Medicine. Offers health information geared toward the needs of older adults. Features a “talking” function, large type, and health topics of interest. 

  • National Headache Foundation


    Offers educational information for consumers and healthcare professionals about headache causes and treatments. 

  • Medscape


    A site for specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals offering the Web's most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools, most offering continuing education credits. 

  • US Food and Drug Administration


    Watchdog agency, a part of The US Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and the food supply, among others. 

  • The Pocket Guide to Staying Healthy at 50+


    The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers a consumer information guide that encourages those age 50 and over to take charge of their health. 

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