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  • Good for your bones: Mediterranean diet with extra-virgin olive oil

    by Margery Gass | Sep 07, 2012
    You’ve already heard that a Mediterranean diet is good for your heart. Now there’s evidence it could make your bones stronger, too. Researchers in Spain have been looking at the effects of the Mediterranean diet—tweaked different ways—in middle-aged and older people. They found that participants in their study who got intensive diet advice and an extra supply (1 liter a week) of extra-virgin olive oil had higher levels of osteocalcin and other healthy bone markers in their blood than participants who just got the advice or who got the advice and an extra supply of nuts. In fact, blood levels of calcium went down in the last two groups but stayed stable for the participants who got the supplemental extra-virgin olive oil.

    The researchers saw bonus benefits for diabetes, too. All the participants had type 2 diabetes. The ones in the supplemental olive-oil group all retained the ability to secrete insulin. In other words, their diabetes didn’t progress to the point where they had to take insulin.

    The Mediterranean diet is the pattern of the traditional cuisine in Crete, Greece, and Southern Italy. It includes lots of grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruits; small amounts of red meats; small to moderate amounts of poultry and dairy products (usually yogurt or cheese); moderate amounts of alcohol (usually red wine with meals); and fairly high fat consumption (up to 40% of total calories), mostly monounsaturated fat—usually olive oil.
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  • A toast to your bone health?

    by Margery Gass | Aug 08, 2012
    Do you enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner or a nightcap? Your moderate drinking may benefit your bones. Recent research in Menopause shows that moderate drinking (1-2 drinks/day) increases bone mineral density by slowing bone loss a bit in menopausal women.

    But do alcohol and menopause really mix? You’ve probably heard that moderate drinking is good for your heart. But you’ve probably also heard that it’s a danger for breast cancer and that it might trigger hot flashes. There is a balance of risks and benefits that you will have to consider before ordering that drink.

    The most important thing is how much you drink. The benefits come with moderate—big emphasis on moderate—drinking. Heavy drinking can actually lead to osteoporosis that cannot be reversed. It’s also a risk for fractures.

    If you drink alcohol, enjoy yourself, but make sure your drinking is light to moderate.

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