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Q & A: vulvovaginal itching

by Margery Gass | Jan 10, 2013
Q: What can I do about vulvovaginal itchiness and hives?

A: Dryness and irritation of the vulva are commonly related to menopause and can usually be easily treated with estrogen cream. Vulvar itching, on the other hand, has many causes, many of which are unrelated to menopause. A physical examination is needed to determine the cause of vulvar itching. In the meanwhile, be sure to eliminate all soap on the vulva. Just use clean water to bathe. From what we know about hives, it is unlikely that they are caused by the menopause. You should check with a dermatologist about the hives if they are not disappearing.

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  1. 1 Kathleen 15 Oct
    This is in response to the comment by Nacie. I had the same experience with the usual Estarce cream that you get from the pharmacy. I told my doctor, who specialized in vaginal issues, and he ordered Estrace  in an aquaphor base from a local pharmacy rather than the usual cream base. Aquaphor is non-irritating and actually very soothing. This has worked fine with me.
  2. 2 Estelle 31 Mar
    I have taken hrt in oral form for 6 years following flushes and itching. Perfectly happy and continually being told I should come off the one I'm happy with (14 days oestrogen and 14 days progesterone followed by a bleed). 12 months ago, my doctor talked me into going on a combined very low dose hrt daily tablet.  I didn't notice a great deal of difference for a few weeks and a few months later started to get flushes, this time in the night, ignored this and then loss of hair, vaginal dryness.  then 7 months later I had the most awful burning mouth, split tongue and vaginal splitting and itching and burning, this continued for some weeks and eventually subsided leaving me with with sensitivity but my mouth has been so uncomfortable and split tongue and feels like a cats tongue, additional pain in my joints have plagued me too.  Yesterday I decided to return to using the original hrt and see what happens in the next few weeks. 
  3. 3 Nacie 18 Jan
    Estrace cream caused severe vulva burning and itching and burning after 2 days of applying on the outside lips. I tried on the outside before using inside to make sure i was not going to have a reaction as my skin is very senseetive in general. I stopped using it! Has anyone else experienced this? Does estrogene oral pill help with the vaginal dryness?



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