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2017 Menopause Practitioner of the Year


Ann L. Steiner, MD, NCMP
Radnor, PA

Can you tell us why you chose to specialize in menopause?

I aged with my patients and since they were interested in menopause, I became interested in menopause as well. 

You have been a member of NAMS since 1998 and attended your first NAMS Annual Meeting the same year. Do you remember how you first hear about NAMS or what lead you to join?

About 20 years ago a colleague at Penn told me that we had better start going to NAMS meetings and become NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioners (NCMP) as this was the future of women’s healthcare. She was right then and even more so now. Thank you NAMS for being the education and care platform for the mature woman and her providers.Our records do show that you are a dedicated attendee of the NAMS Annual Meeting, all the way back to 1996. What is your favorite aspect of the meeting?

What is your favorite feature of NAMS membership?

I think the best parts of the NAMS organization are the quality and timeliness of their educational materials and information, and the opportunity to network with experts in the field. I take full advantage of the networking!

You were among the first providers certified as menopause experts by NAMS. Why is NAMS certification important to you?

The NAMS certification has allowed women with real menopause challenges to find me, and in turn keeps my practice very interesting and challenging.

How do you use NAMS educational materials?

I use NAMS menopause educational materials extensively. They are included in a packet we give out to patients in our menopause clinic. The articles and consensus statements are on the resident reading list for the resident menopause clinic. We have a weekly resident presentation in our menopause clinic and all these materials are a great teaching resource. 



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