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2013 Menopause Practitioner of the Year

Barbara J. DePree, MD, NCMP
Holland, MI

What first attracted you to becoming a physician?  

I came to medicine with a love of science and a desire to have a career that was relational. I chose gynecology because of the combination of a surgical career, and wellness and prevention within the spectrum of care. 
Can you tell us a little about your medical career?

I did general OB/Gyn for 17 years, then with the encouragement of my hospital to better address menopausal women's health in my community, about 9 years ago I refocused my career to a perimenopause/menopausal practice. I also returned to school to obtain an MMM degree from Carnegie Mellon. While there I launched a website business, MiddlesexMD, focusing on women's sexual health after discovering the vast number of women who struggle with an array of sexual issues.

How and when did you become involved with The North American Menopause Society?

Soon after making the decision to refocus my practice, I became aware of NAMS, joined, and did the certification within that first year of membership. It has been an important contribution to my practice since then.
How has your NAMS membership benefited you?

I have appreciated the approachability of NAMS leadership and other members. On a number of occasions, I have had questions and whomever I contacted would respond in a welcoming way. It feels like a group of professionals who want to achieve excellence, and assure for the success and best for their colleagues.
Why is NAMS certification important to you and your patients?

The credentialing signals to patients and other providers that I have a special interest in this area clinical practice and that I am kept up to date scientifically. 
How do you use NAMS education materials?

I hand out the Menopause Guidebook to my new menopausal consult patients. I participate in all of the CME that I am able to. I refer patients to the website to gain additional information.

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