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Margaret W. Wong, Esq.

Meet Our Donor

Margaret W. Wong, Esq.
Managing Partner
Margaret Wong & Associates Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

Q. Ms. Wong, can you tell us about your career in immigration law and as an entrepreneur? What has been the secret to your success?

A. My career as an immigration attorney and an entrepreneur go hand in hand. Many of the principles and convictions with which I practice law also aid me in building my business. My success is based on a combination of very hard work and consideration of the thoughts and ideas of those around me. 

Q. What motivated you to accept the invitation to join the Board of Directors of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Foundation?

A. I very much enjoy staying involved within the community of Cleveland, where NAMS is located. I do my best to contribute to all of the organizations of which I am part. My motivation to join the Foundation Board of Directors stems from the unique characteristics of NAMS. In addition to developing a great friendship with Dr. Wulf Utian (NAMS Foundation Founding President), I became excited about serving an organization with goals that I agree with and believe in.

Q. Not only have you given the gift of your time to the NAMS Foundation, but you have also been a generous donor. What inspired you to donate to support the NAMS Mission?

A. An organization is held together by teamwork and a common vision, but financial support is also imperative. Without financial contributions, it is very hard for an organization to offer all it is able to offer.

Q. What would you say to encourage others to donate to The NAMS Foundation to support the Society’s educational and research initiatives?

A. I would encourage others to view NAMS not simply as an organization but as part of a community of women. That said, I would encourage funding for educational and research initiatives by highlighting the benefits and progress women around the time of menopause would acquire through the support of NAMS.

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